Your First Visit


When you contact our office to see one of the health practitioners, you will plan your first appointment. It is very helpful if you could bring any previous health records - imaging reports (x-rays, MRI's, CT Scans), lab tests, etc., -  to your first appointment. Please also wear or bring comfortable, non-restrictive clothing as this will assist your practitioner in performing the assessment. 

When you arrive at the clinic, please check-in with our front office staff.

Payment methods accepted at the clinic are cash, cheque, and debit. Only Dr. Thomson currently accepts credit card payments.

First Visits with the following Health Practitioners: 

Drs. Orchard, Moeller and Lusk (Chiropractors) - The first visit with your chiropractor involves intake paperwork that needs to be completed when you arrive. There is also a short video to watch that will provide you with some education regarding chiropractic. The initial contact with the chiropractor involves a history taking session, a physical examination, a report of findings, and possibly some treatment. This first appointment is usually longer than any subsequent therapy visit (up to 45 minutes).

Dr. Erica Thomson (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) - You will have been instructed to fill in the paperwork that is attached to our website prior to the first visit. Please bring the completed forms with you to your appointment or plan to arrive 25 minutes before your visit to fill them out. Also, please bring any relevant imaging/lab results as well as any medications/supplements you take with you to the visit. 

The initial visit is approximately 90 minutes long during which time we will discuss your primary concerns, go over your health history and perform a relevant physical exam. Lab testing may be suggested, depending on the clinical picture. The purpose of the first visit is to collect information to determine the root cause of a patient's concerns, though in most cases some initial recommendations will be made. 

Follow-up appointments are 60 minutes. The number and frequency of visits will be determined based on the needs of the individual and the nature of their case. Generally, a second visit is booked within a month of the first visit, with follow-up visits scheduled thereafter to monitor progress and adjust the plan as needed.  Most people experience a positive change within 2-5 visits depending on their compliance with the treatment plan.

Judy Barnett, Rachel Metherel, Tracey Sajkowski, and Kevin Brough (Registered Massage Therapists) - The first visit with your massage therapist involves intake paperwork that needs to be completed when you arrive. The initial contact with the massage therapist involves a history taking session, a physical examination, and treatment.

Karen George-Krysko (Reflexologist) – The first visit with your reflexologist involves intake paperwork that needs to be completed when you arrive. The initial contact with the reflexologist involves a history taking session, a physical examination, and treatment.

Online Booking Information

Online booking is available for a number of our practitioners. Please select your desired practitioner to be directed to the appropriate schedule. However, please be aware that all appointment availability may NOT be visible and that exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. To learn about more potential appointment options or to discuss your circumstances please phone the office at 519-725-1300.

Currently when booking online, you will need to create a Username and Password to do so, and your username is your email address. But, if two people share an email address, currently they both cannot create 2 accounts using the same email address. In this case, please have one member of the family make multiple appointments for each member who would be coming. For instance, if a mother has 3 children (and the children do not have their own email addresses) and would like to make appointments for the whole family, she would need to make 4 appointments for herself, and when the family arrives, the appointments will be changed to the correct individuals.


1. The online system will only allow booking for tomorrow onward. If you desire an appointment today, you will need to call the office to inquire about availability

2. You CANNOT cancel your appointment onlineCall the office if you need to do so.