Online Booking

Booking online for the first time?

Please read all of the information here to fully understand this process.

Remember the Limitations for Online Booking:

  1. No same day appointments can be made. Please call the office to inquire about appointment availability for today.

  2. You are NOT able to cancel appointments. Call the office if you need to do so.

Chiropractic Appointment Information

Additional information about the following visit options can be found here. Please review to assist with selecting the correct visit and to understand what is needed of you.

Select "45 Mins" if you:

  1. Are a New Patient (age 13 and over)

  2. Are making a Motor Vehicle Accident Injury or Workplace (WSIB) Injury Claim

Select "30 Mins" if you:

  1. Are a New Patient (age 12 and under)

  2. Have a New Concern and/or Multiple Concerns to be addressed

  3. Regularly have 30 minute appointments

  4. Last had an appointment over 1 year ago

Select "15 Mins" if you:

  1. Are booking a standard visit.



Dr. Orchard Only: If "therapy" (electrical current and/or heat) is usually done OR wanted prior to your appointment, please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time and advise reception that you are here for "therapy".

Naturopathic Doctor


Registered Massage Therapists